ARCHIBUS Hosting Services Pricing

Recurring fees

Periodic charges, usually monthly, but you can choose other payment methods (monthly, quarterly or yearly):


Measured in number of server(s) you need to host your project(s). One server can host up to 100 concurrent ARCHIBUS users. You can share the same server for different projects. The only limitation for sharing is the number of concurrent users, the customization level of the project, and compatibility of the different hosted projects on the same server.


ASC-HS considers two different storage concepts:

  • Database Storage: for proper data on the ARCHIBUS project tables.
  • File Storage: for external documents and CAD drawings.

This refers to the rental of ARCHIBUS licenses. If you are in the “ARCHIBUS Hosted” delivery model, this charge does not apply because we just hosting ARCHIBUS licenses you already own.

For “ARCHIBUS On Demand” users, this charge includes the upgrade cost for new versions. It means, you will not be charged for license purchase if you upgrade your projects. You will only be responsible for the cost of new customization or personalization provided by your ARCHIBUS Business Partner and for the cost of a “QUALITY ASSURANCE Server(s)” or a “TRAINING Server(s)” if a provisional testing platform is needed to upgrade.